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This presentation is only the desire to communicate through the web, showing my life experiences and the world of work. I worked for almost 20 years in the restaurant business becoming a chef, I have had experience in many restaurants both as capopartita that as a chef .. From about two years, however, 'I changed my job' cause, in part, the food was going through a bad period with demands for new and young foreigners at a loss and then 'cause I wanted to see new horizons ... I must say that after having changed jobs I am fine in this area, I'm' all day with my scooter around the city Rome, and I was lucky to find a good team and a young and very serious, sociable with a work at times funny and cute ...



 I believe that an artist is anyone who knows how to do one thing well, cooking for example... Andy Warhol  


Returning to Rome in 1994, the transition to Aiutocuoco, Capopartita, Cook was easy .. The enthusiasm in wanting to grow, the desire to learn and the teaching of professional chefs in the various clubs have made my kitchen art based on imagination and creativity, where even the dish more 'traditional goes interpreted keeping original aroma and taste. Click left on Facebook and you'll see lots of photos of dishes prepared and photographed for the web, maybe you can copy my recipe or you can ask by sending me an email.

mattia grandePeperoni

       MATTHIAS 12  ANI                                                                    MATTHIAS  6  ANI 

Triglie al pomodoroFettuccine con gamberi e fiori di zucca

                                                                                                   MATTHIAS  2  ANI 

foto motorinolancia y

Antipasto Salmone al profumo di Cocco


 Speck bufala con alici

      MATTHIAS   8  ANI 

 I created alone and put on line my 2 websites in 1996
when the internet
was still born, then in 200
2 to divide the
my work.
In private life I'm not married, I'm single, I have a child who is now 12 Mattia years old and lives with her mother and I share. For the rest I have no special links, they are always looking dell''anima mate, possibly young man with lots of money, eh eh eh, and I solve all my problems.



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Fettuccine alla crema di Asparagi

Vassoio di pranzo

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